"Daemos (Victor Baddour - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, Eric - Lead Guitar, Jason St. Aubin - Bass/Backing Vocals and Kevin Wood - Drums) opened up a can of whoop-ass on the crowd when they started off their set with 'Rely on Denial', 'Two Deaths' and 'On the Rocks'. You could totally tell that Daemos has a huge following since the whole crowd was singing along with them. I really love it when the crowd is totally into the band that's on stage and I'm sure the band digs it too Next up on the set list was a new song called 'Clik' and the song rocks! Next was 'Exhale the Dry' followed by a Slayer cover, 'Manditory Suicide' to end Daemos's wicked set."

"Damn, if you haven't seen a really good and heavy band in a while you should REALLY check out Daemos. They have the intensity and power that you would expect from a hardcore band. If you are in the San Jose area, Daemos is playing at The Cactus Club on February 10th. Do yourself and hard music a favor and see this band!"

- Metal Boy