MetalXTreme magazine
I admit to being friends with Vic and the rest of Daemos, having had the opportunity to see their live shows and hang out with them. They are impressive purveyors of technical thrash metal on stage. I was very keen to hear their first new recording since I had met them. The three songs on this sampler make some bold musical statements and serve to really define the Daemos sound. From the first few seconds of new song Iodine the statement is made We are thrash! But after a couple minutes, I could hear that these guys have gone further than the classic thrash sound, incorporating modern influences such as Korn, Rage Against the Machine and System of Down. You can hear it in the voice as well as the guitar and drum bashing. But Daemos adds something more to the mix, their own flair for rhythm and arranging that is not just a simple mix of classic thrash and modern hard core. There are syncopations and rhythm lines that really expose the bands musicality. The second track Reflection incorporates some dynamic changes, further adding to the depth of the music with some clean guitars and a gentle wah wah lead line. The production of the demo is of above average quality, studios. They were able to capture their unique feel without muddying the sound with effects and heavy layering of instruments. Daemos has done an excellent job of combining influences old and new, and applying their own twist to their music, giving it an identity that will help Daemos stand out from the thrash quagmire.

by Dave Watson