March 23rd, 2005 w/Vic
q: so how are things going?
a: fucking great. how are things with you?
q: just - it's been awhile since we've heard anything out of you guys..what's been up?
a: Well - I think the update we sent out was around december sometime. Or maybe even a little before...I'm not exactly sure...but, I remember it was near Dimebag's death...
q: can't really believe that...
a: no..sure can't. Man - I had like all these people calling me when that all went down...and it's not that I knew him..but, I've listened to Vulgar I dunno how many times...definitely helped out while growing up, and is a musical influence...and it was all just so stupid...
q: yep....I agree....well...we could talk about that the entire interview...but why don't we get back to the topic at hand....
a: Right..well, right near Christmas, the hard drive took a big giant shit. Atleast it died slowly, but it took a litle while to get things back up and running. After that - we just took a little time off for the holidays and started writing new music. I also spent some time recording a band out in Bakersfield.
q: You recorded a band?
a: Yea. I've done all of our demos so far, and pretty sure I'm going to be recording our next album. So - I had some friends out in Bakersfield that wanted to record, so I went out there to help 'em out.
q: What are they called?
a: The Lords of Anger. They're really cool..kind of a Mortorhead vibe about 'em...
q: So will that be available soon?
a: Well, it's just a 3 song demo..and they should start duplicating them as we speak. So - it should be out by the time this gets published. So - when/if you heard the recordings, thats me behind the desk!
q: Cool! We'll look out for it. And you mentioned you guys are working on new music? for a new album?
a: Yes
q: So - when can we expect a new album?
a: Well - this year. That's for sure...exactly when, I'm not sure yet.
q: So - as far as the new album, how is that coming along? How have things changed..from a writing perspective, & music perspective?
a: Well, Jake is in the band now...and he's just a different sounding player. So - that kind of influences all of us when we write, I think. Atleast, you start picturing a different sort of bass tone underneath everything. But..writing is very long process. It used to be where we'd walk in and Eric or myself would have ideas already planned out and we'd show it to the guys and start going from there. We still do that actually, but we're also trying to just go into a room and start jamming and see what comes out. We're currently working on the first part of a...two part sort of song, and we've been basically putting things together that way.
q: Sounds interesting...I know a lot of bands work that way...
a: Yea - it's definitely takes a lot longer, and it's definitely more frustrating...well, atleast for me..because you walk into a room without any idea of where things are going to go. That's really foreign to me. But, it's a cool. ...just a different way to approach things...and we're all satisified in the
q: ...and for the writing direction?
a: As for the writing direction...well, you guys have heard a couple of the tracks that are going to appear on the new album, 'Iodine' & 'Canvas of Streams'. I can't speak for Eric...Eric's got his own vibe going on, and if you knew Eric, you would see how much his music is a real reflection of his personality.
q: Is it that same for you?
a: I'd like to think so...
q: ...and what's the new music like that you're bringing to the band?
a: It's angry. Very angry.
q: Really? why?
a: Just...a lot of trust issues. Really. But - I know I've never had so much built up anger in my life.... just everything around know, I've learned a lot of lessons since the last cd was put out...and certainly the music I'm coming up with is a reflection of the entire period....and structurally- I think the songs are shorter...shorter songs, a little more crazy...and slightly more bipolar.. just a lot of stuff we really have never done before...
q: more bipolar?
a: Yes. I think the biggest change will be the vocals. There are some vocals which will be extrememly brutal, and others that's extremely clean...not much of a middleground right now.
q: Like Iodine?
a: Yea - a lot like Iodine. And then clean stuff like you find in Canvas. But - even the music..there's a couple kinda quieter tracks that we're working on. You know, not everything is brutal...but everything is certainly angry.
q: So lyrically, is there a theme being brewed here?
a: Well, I never plan on a theme...however, it just seems to turn out that way...
q: And it is?
a: Well, with that last's was more from an observers point of view.. Sort of looking at life.... looking inward...keeping to oneself..and just coming up with thoughts. As for this's more about...looking at life and acting on it...
q: Well alright. We're all looking forward to hearing the new stuff!
a: Me too! I'm looking forward to playing the new songs live...
q: So what can we look forward to in the near future?
a: We're gonna start playing out. It's been awhile. We're antsy...we haven't gone this long without playing a gig in awhile...I mean, we were playing tons of gigs and then took this little break. So - we wanna get out there...
q: ...and where will you head?
a: We are going to stay a little local for a bit..and by local, I mean like within 200-300 mi. of home...and then in May, we're going to head out east. Towards Arizona, New Mexico, Texas...and we'll head north a little later...but out east first!!
q: ...and the new record?
a: Well, we definitely wanna get out there and play some, we'll do that for awhile, and at some point, just head back home and start pre-production and recording.
q: cool! well, thanks a lot..any last words?
a: Thanks to everybody that's supporting DAEMOS. The new shit is SICK...and it's definitely going to sound that way!!!!!! and um...we can't wait to be out there and playin'! Thanks again..for everything...and see you soon!