January 1st, 2006 w/Vic
q: how's it going?
a: well, it's cool. it's the holidays.......the sun's not out as much, it's colder, and it's a lot about family and stuff...and that's all cool to me..
q: so you guys have been somewhat M.I.A.? what's been going on?
a: Well, Jake left the band in april or may...and we moved on, started writing, and starting holding auditions.
q: So - the state of the band right now is...?
a: Never been stronger man...we're not going anywhere...
q: That's good to hear! So - you've just been writing music and auditiong bassists - how are things going on both those fronts?
a: Well, actually, we've been doing a little more. But anyways...we have been spending a lot of time writing our next set of releases. We've always been very proud of our songs, and we are very proud and excited for people to hear the stuff we're doing now!
q: how does it compare?
a: Well, there's a ton of anger in the lyrics...and for most of my riffs, the music is very much tied to the lyrics...so, a lot of aggressive vibes...some stuff will be brutal...some stuff actually won't...but, it's all very dark in nature.
q: So - when you say releases...does that mean more than one?
a: Well, we plan on doing things a bit different next year. We will have four releases throughout the year. Each release will consist of two or three originals, and one song from 'Facing Down.' All the releases will be tied together in a certain way, yet have their own vibe. I'm not exactly sure how they will be themed...but - that is the plan as of right now. We are also looking for artists to work with. We always down to find that amazing underground talent out there..and as you can see from our previous releases, the artwork has always been pretty amazing.
q: Oh yeah...the 'Facing Down' artwork and cd jacket was really nice...
a: Yeah...so..anybody interested, contact us on myspace at
http://www.myspace.com/daemos, or you can email us
q: so - you said you've been working on some other things?
a: Yea actually. Well, with New Orleans being destroyed the way it was, we wanted to do covers by some NOLA bands. So - we're finishing those up right now.
q: can you say what bands?
a: Down and COC
q:Well, that'll be awesome to hear when they come out!!
a: Definitely! We can't wait to get them out as well! And...in addition to that, we also created some sound beds for our friend Jack on Rock 105.3. So - he's been spinning those whenever he's on..which is pretty cool...already on prime-time radio! can't beat that! And lastly, I recorded another local band.
q: This is the second band you've recorded...is this something you want to get into?
a: Well, they were both friends' bands...and when I did them, I had time to do them. So - it's cool...at this point in time, I have absolutely no time for anything other than my own band...so - it's just going to be DAEMOS stuff for the next year! But you can check out that band at http://www.myspace.com/underthestone
q: ..and you're handling all the recording duties?
a: You got it man. Everything is going to be sick...
q: and bassist duties will be handled by...
a: Of course, our new bassist Matan!!
q: so - tell us about the new bassist...
a: Well, Matan is like us, man. More like us than any other guy we've ever had in the band...and he's also a bad-ass on the bass!! So - he's been in a number of metal bands on the east coast and he recently moved out here not too long ago. We're really glad to have the guy in the band.
q: so what's the next move for you guys?
a: Well, we will be getting Matan up to speed...and then we will probably start pre-production on the releases. I'm not exactly sure when we'll see the light of day, but I know we plan on doing some warm-up shows here and there to get back into things...and of course, the major touring will start spring...and we'll brutalize the U.S.!!
q: Sounds awesome! Any final words?
a: you know..there's this quote from 'The Sopranos' I always dug..and it was from Uncle Junior to Tony..and he said, 'Next time you come, you come heavy, or not at all.' Next time anybody sees us...that's exactly how it'll be.