September 14th, 2004 w/Kevin
q: I don't think you've ever been interviewed for the site.
a: no....well, the Californian paper in east county interviewed me when we released our 3 song demo years ago..and they were trippin' 'cause we were on the internet.
q: I don't think a lot of people know how long you've been playing...
a: I've been playing I guess since...198-...I don't even know...9th, 88? 89? But I didn't start seriously playing until I was in high school...early 90's...jammed with some friends - got my roots doing that...and that's where it took or die.
q: what sort of stuff were you playing?
a: Pantera...Nirvana...Metallica....that's it...just covers. What I was listening to...and I had somebody else that would play it with me..that was my friend Dave. He had all those tablature books...
q: so what was your first drumkit?
a: It was a mixmatch set - kinda inherited from a family friend, and on accident. I got my real set from my mother and grandmother...and it was on from there. I was very appreciative...I never would take that for granted. I actually had two people that really influenced me in my playing...Chris and Elisa...they were family friends of my mom's...and she gave me guitar lessons before I even knew how to play drums. I got my first acoustic guitar through them, and they gave me Beatles was Revolver, and Beatles was on from there...
q: so you were a guitar player first?
a: if you wanna call it that. Pseudo-guitarist....although, when I came across the drums, that's where I found my knack.
q: so have you jammed in other bands?
a: I jammed with some friends..and that was just covers..but, I never did anything original until DAEMOS..and I was stoked when I joined, because I had the chance to play originals...and I never thought I really could... The band really took me to another level. it's like...everybody pressed me to reach a higher level of playing.
q: so how did you join the band?
a: I saw an ad at Blue Meanie...picked up a flyer. I didn't even go there very often, but I just happen to go...and the band was looking for a drummer...influences in Metallica and Pantera - Funny thing is I've never even picked up an ad before...and never did it again was kinda like fate.
q: ...and as far as drum brands go...what do you like?
a: Well, I've only played on two brands of drums. I've seen a lot of other drummers that play different kits - and they sound good...but, I've been jammin' on DW's, and I like them a lot. I wish I could play them all, but obviously, I can't.
q: so what about your influences these days?
a: Everything from Sam Cook to Dimmu Borgir. That's a huge this scene, everybody is so specific in what they like...but - I like to draw from everything...because there's so much good music out there. I mean, from S.O.D. to the Beasie Boys. I draw from everything, but at the same time I'm pretty speciifc as to what I like and what I don't like.
q: so the Beatles are a big influence?
a: Huge...I'm not a singer/songwriter...but, McCartney/Lennon - they are amazing songwriters.
q: and that influences you in your writing today?
a: Well - not really today, but in music in general...if it wasn't for them...they're like my cornerstone...
q: and I heard you also have a big record collection?
a: Well, not really big - but I have my personal cuts. I'm a huge fan of vinyl, and there are a lot of cuts that are more reresented in vinyl...'cause you can skip around on a cd...but just listen to it...and that's what it is. It has a different tone - it's analog...'cause back in the days...everybody appreciated that sorta thing... I'm old school Janice.
q: as a drummer - how do you approach the drums in the band?
a: Approaching to do a complete a song in DAEMOS is like...I just havta go with whatveer you feel like...and then as time goes on, you fine tune to whatever...just like listen to it a little bit, and then tackle it. Because DAEMOS is an aggressive band, and my style is aggressive as well - but there's some finesse that I add to it.
q: but are you the lay the backbeat sort of drummer? or the flashy drummer? or...
a: Not so much of either...just whatever calls for the song. Artistic...more than technique...I just want whatever's best for the song...if it needs technique, I'll be there for the song, but I don't want to overdo it...I guess more backbeat...I'm not like a Dream Theater sorta drummer...more of a basher. I want DAEMOS to be just very live...and every show needs to be chaotic.
q: so with the live do you approach them?
a: Rip it the fuck the person who's never seen them before, and to the person that's seen us a million times...just rip it up every time, and not get into a routine. I want a sense...even if you've seen us 10 times, I should hope that every show would be different...our mannerisms and liveliness...
q: so the band has been writing new does the stuff that you're coming up with now - how does it differ from the past?
a: Well, I should hope that I've grown as a musician as much as we've been playing out - but consciously, I can't really answer that question...I just kinda do what I do. Victor brings a riff that I've never heard before, and I kinda go on that...and now that we've got Jake in the band - he's bringing something we've never really had before. Playing out as much as we know, the hands and the mind are continually exercised...and the new shit being brought to the table...we record it...and the stuff is just coming out amazing. In a way, it's just...I dunno...spontaneous...I just kinda do whatever comes out, and I'm stoked at what comes out. I can't wait to see where it goes.
q: what are you into outside the band
a: Well - for whoever reads this, I'm a little political...but - I just want people to know who they're going to vote 9/'s like people really don't know what's going on except for what the media feeds look into all the options and make a decision...and I hope this country always stays on top. but 9/11 was an eye opener.
q: 9/11 was an eye so?
a: well - we're not as safe as we once thought...and not electing one person is going to change everything, but I hope people are enlightened with what's going on. You know - this MTV generation doesn't really know what the hell's going on...but everybody should just question authority...all these people are telling other people what to do, but nobody is questioning it - thinking for themselves...
q: anything else you wanna say?
a: You know what - I just hope a lot of people get more open minded to all music. They're so specific as to what they like. If you like like music, come check us out...