September 19th, 2003 w/Vic and Eric
** SO - what's been going on?
VIC: Well, we've been spending a lot of time regrouping. Regrouping our thoughts, regrouping as people, etc. The whole thing with Jason not being in the band anymore and us moving on has taken quite a bit of time....probably since the beginning of the year really. But - it's over...we've both moved on, and it's really a cool vibe right now.
** What happened exactly?
VIC: Maybe a difference in working styles...and over the time that has passed, things just escalated to the point where the band and Jason felt it best that he not be a part of DAEMOS anymore...He's a great bassist, and a great person...We're all still friends and, it's cool...
** Will the lineup changes affect the writing process?
VIC: Well, it IS 25% of the band you're talkin' about. Whoever the new bassist is, their sound will definately change the band in certain ways... However, I wouldn't expect too much of a change as far as writing style, except the changes that we've been going through naturally. Both Eric and myself are the p rimary writers in this, expect more of what you've been hearing!!
** And what can we expect?
VIC: Well - you know, I've always admired bands that continually change through the lifetime of their band. Only because...that seems real to me. How could a band not change...because when it comes down to it, people change. So - looking at the DAEMOS style over the years, I can definately see that we're becoming more technical. Not much as in the sense of bands like Dream Theater or anything like that...but more like a lot of different things going on that all seem to fit together. Off the top of my head, I can't think of a band that does that sort of thing..but, a good example from our material would be Iodine. Iodine is a fairly new song...and...some things repeat...but, usually they're changed just a bit each time...and I see that more and more with the stuff I'm coming up with.
ERIC: I'm just as excited about hearing what we'll come up with as you guys. What I'm looking forward to is a broadening of styles and tempos. Not to say we're going to start playing ska or anything, but we're incorporating everything we hear. We're moving towards a sound that is uniquely DAEMOS. And with a new person added to the mix...who knows where we'll head. Plus look out for more doubled vocals and harmonized screams.
** So - hows the new material?
VIC: Well, we have 3 songs completed, and another 2 in the works. As far as style goes...they're all very different from stuff we've done in the past, and...well, very different from each other. One of them, I will dare to say, is probably our heaviest song to date.
** Cool!! What's the title for that song?
VIC: Right now it's 'Canvas of Streams' It might change...but, that's the working title.
** So what music have you listening to lately?
ERIC: Kev and I have been keeping up with Mr. Patton's "projects": Tomahawk, Fantomas, his work on the new Dillinger, etc. And of course I saw Bjork in concert on the 11th of August. Those are my two main sources of inspiration. I'm always on the lookout for something new.
VIC: Well, I've been listening a lot to In Flames, Decapitated, Vader, Cradle of Filth, and various Beatles stuff. I also just recently got the new Dimmu Borgir and Arch Enemy...
** What did you think?
VIC: The new Dimmu is amazing...I'm looking forward to seeing them live this time around...I also got a chance to see Arch Enemy a week or so ago- really put on a great show...and the cd is pretty good too!
** Yes - definately looking forward to that Dimmu show as well!!....What about lyrically...where are you going?
VIC: Well, I write about things in my life. Just whatever drives me to the point of writing about it. It can be anything really...but, it's usually something that affects my life somewhat profoundly in some way...I guess that really hasn't changed over the years... It's odd to look at the songs that I've written over my musical career...the ones that are released and the ones that aren't. Because to me, they're almost like a time capsule of those periods of my life.
ERIC: The songs I've written either look back on my life or try to figure out where I'm going. I think its time to start examining the here and now, because this moment right now will never come back...might as well take a look and try to enjoy it.
** So there's unreleased DAEMOS stuff out there? Any chance of that stuff ever being released?
VIC: Well, that stuff wasn't released for a reason!! (laughs) I guess I should never say never, but - we've written a lot of songs over the years that we just don't play anymore and/or never got around to recording. So... considering we've got a lot of new material we'd rather be playing and recording, there's nothing in the forseeable future
** So - how is the bassist search coming along?
VIC: Well, we're in the final stages in picking a new member. So - things are going well, and hopefully we'll have an announcement in the very near future.
ERIC: I miss Jason, but I'm excited to see what new direction we'll go in. The one we choose is going to help define DAEMOS and has to be the last change in the line we're taking our time to get it right.
** And what's next for DAEMOS?
VIC: Well, once the bassist position is filled, we'd like to just get out there and play. I'm hoping we can have something new to release sometime this an EP or something...but..we'll just see how everything goes. But - in the meantime...we'll be out in AZ, the bay area, central cali, you name it. We are a live band...and we'll always be.